We have included concept art and photographs of the actual props and sets at their various stages. AJ's Clocks Stop by the clock store to see a variety of handmade animated Christmas themed clocks counting down the hours till Santa takes flight. AJ the elf's one of a kind hand crafted clocks come to life every night.
Clock Store Radio A radio upon a table in the Clock Store display window can be heard playing our own Holiday Town’s radio broadcast of K-SNOW 1225 AM. Get up to date weather and traffic reports, news broadcasts, and don’t forget about the Sugarplum and Ted morning show.
KSNOW Station ID Radio News Break KSNOW Traffic Report
Take a look at Crazy Andy's Crazy Ski Shoppe for the craziest crazy deal of the day. Crazy Andy is not just crazy with crazy deals, he's also crazy about skiing. Crazy Andy's Crazy Ski Shoppe
A holiday display would not be complete without a nativity and the Decoration Emporium just so happens to have one on display in their window along with other beautiful adornments for the home. Kristie's Decoration Emporium
Who would not want to been seen in the latest elf fashions of the day? Vincent our elf tailor has assembled some of his best work showcasing the finest of what an elf of today can purchase. Vincent's Fine Elf Fashions
Don't forget to stop by Santa's stable to see the reindeer resting up for the big night. Santa's Reindeer Stable
What would the holiday season be without those sweets from Santa’s elves? They’ve been hard at work creating delicious confections for everyone’s enjoyment. Stop by the Confectionery to see these talented elves at work creating the favourites of the season. Daily they can be seen pouring caramel and pulling taffy. Confectionery
From hand made garland to fanciful wreaths, come see what Granny elf has put together for this holiday season. Granny's Wreath Cart
Looking for a holiday treat? Stop by Stephanie's, the café with holiday treats. Hot Chocolate, cookies, muffins, and so much more. Stephanie's Café


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